Regina Harple

Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
City of Burlington Public Schools – Second grade teacher

Neither of my parents had the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school and my dad has always wanted me to get my master's degree. So it has always been a goal of mine to further my education. Also, I was looking for a way to expand my career opportunities beyond the classroom. Having been a resident of South Jersey my entire life, I was aware of Rowan's wonderful reputation in the area of education and teacher preparation. That plus the focus on Educational Technology really attracted me to the M.Ed. program. Educational Technology is a growing method of instructional delivery and I'll have coursework under my belt that many other teachers don't.

As a second grade teacher and wife who is very active in my community, being able to access my coursework online is key. I've even been able to do coursework at Panera, Barnes & Nobles, or Dunkin Donuts. My goal is to apply my current coursework towards a position at the district level implementing technology in the classroom. What I love most about this program is being able to share ideas and comments with teachers in the same place as me… in the classroom and still learning. Through Rowan's learning management system I am able to reach out to other students and professors the minute I have a question. I'm finding myself working harder than I have in a traditional class!