Sara Conrad

B.S. in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Virtua Memorial Hospital

I was attracted to the BSN program at Rowan because of the convenience, flexible schedule, and the opportunity to advance my education. The idea of furthering my education has always been a dream of mine. When Rowan came to Virtua, where I currently work as an Administrative Supervisor, with a BSN program designed for nurses with an associate's degree it seemed like a great opportunity. As a single parent, the once a week class schedule and online coursework fits into my life perfectly. It allows me to further my education while continuing to work full time and taking care of my family. I'm even able to continue with my twenty years of volunteering as an EMT with the local emergency squad.

The online coursework has been the most enjoyable aspect of the program. They are just as stimulating as those classes taken on campus! I've just finished my third semester and the time as flown by. So far this has been a wonderful opportunity to advance my education with flexible scheduling and reasonable workloads. I strive to be successful at whatever I attempt in my career and this program, along with the strength and motivation from my family, will help me do that.