Sheila Parker

I attended Rowan University from 1977 to 1980 (when it was Glassboro State College). Unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from graduating. It has been a long term goal to go back and finish my degree but as the years rolled by, I would only take a class here and there. As a mother and now grandmother who is active in my church and community organizations such as the NAACP, finding the time to complete my degree was difficult. When an administrator from Rowan mentioned the Saturday Studies program, I figured it would be a great opportunity and it has been.

The campus is conveniently located close to my home and, as a business owner, the program focus in Business will further enhance my skills in my company. Also, should I decide to move on with a new career, having a degree will make me marketable and allow me to maintain my current lifestyle. Aside from the academic preparation, what I enjoy most about this program is the camaraderie with fellow classmates. Juggling my coursework with all of my other involvements has been interesting but I love the fact that I am working toward my long-term goal!