Clinical Internship in English as a Second Language

This field-based course provides the teacher education candidate with opportunities to demonstrate the subject content, professional knowledge, pedagogical skills, and dispositions that are developed in program course work. The Clinical Internship experience is a supervised, full-time activity conducted in a public elementary, middle or high school ESL classroom. Successful completion of the Internship requires demonstrated mastery of subject area content, lesson planning, and multiple instructional strategies to meet varied student needs; demonstrated ability to assess learner progress and modify instruction accordingly, ability to manage all aspects of classroom activity, ability to work collaboratively with all instructional, administrative, parental, and community members of the classroom and school community, and ability to document evidence of doing all of the above. Admission to this course requires completion of all previous Teaching ESL coursework, including a minimum program grade point average of 3.0.

This course includes an additional $200 field placement fee.