Coding and Logical Thinking to Support Learning

The course prepares educators to focus on exploring rationales, resources, and strategies of incorporating coding, programming, and logical thinking in P-12 classrooms. Educators will not only become familiar with the basics of coding and logical thinking, but they will also research case studies and evaluate best practices, available resources, and curriculum. With an emphasis on relevancy, educators will create a check list of best practices, a rubric for evaluating resources, and an exemplary unit that integrates coding into their classroom. In addition, educators will create a product to convince an educational leader why coding and logical thinking should be integrated into the curriculum. Throughout the course, the educators will actively collaborate and participate in discussions. The content of this graduate-level course will focus on the development of the educators’ understanding of ways to effectively use best practice teaching strategies with respect to coding, programming, and logical thinking so as to support P-12 learning.