Residency in Music Therapy

Residency of approximately 1040 hours at an AMTA- or Rowan-approved (university-affiliated) clinical training center. Application is made upon departmental approval. Development of music therapy clinical skills. Requires clinical work and ongoing supervision from the clinical site (residency supervisor) and/or music therapy faculty. Students will plan and lead individual and group music therapy sessions, write assessment and goal plans, participate in treatment teams, and take part in other activities of the clinical facility.

Prerequisite(s): Foundations of Music Therapy (MUS98.001), Psychology of Music (MUS98.008), Principles of Music Therapy I (MUS98.002), Principles of Music Therapy II (MUS98.009), Music Therapy Research Methods (MUS98.010), Music Therapy Practicum I (MUS98.003), Music Therapy Practicum II (MUS98.011), Music Therapy Practicum III (MUS98.015), Clinical Piano Skills I (MUS98.005), Clinical Piano Skills II (MUS98.012), Clinical Guitar Skills (MUS98.006), Music Applications to Music Therapy I (MUS98.007), Music Applications to Music Therapy II (MUS98.013), Music Applications to Music Therapy III (MUS98.016), Therapeutic Principles (MUS98.004), Abnormal Psychology (PSY03200)