Assistive Technology And Transition Planning

This course will focus on exposing students to a variety of technologies used by and with students with exceptional learning needs. Students will gain hands-on skills in designing technology-based instructional materials for students with a wide range of exceptionalities. A focus on Universal Design for learning is at core of this course- with a goal of providing students with the ability to adapt technology, instruction, and assessment to meet a range of student needs. Exposure to adaptive and assistive technologies, as well as state-of-the-art software and hardware, is also emphasized in the course. All of this will be addressed as part of the development of Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for students, with special emphasis on transition planning. Transition planning will address all major life transitions(e.g., early intervention to preschool; preschool to elementary; elementary to secondary; and secondary to post-secondary and work environments). A field component will be required.