Graduate & Research Assistantships

In addition to financial aid in the form of grants, loans, work-study and scholarships, prospective and current graduate students may be eligible to apply for graduate assistantships (GA) or graduate research assistantships (GRA). This form of financial support is available to fully matriculated students through the individual colleges, which post the positions for the following academic year. The level of support for these assistantships, as well as the requirements and expectations, vary from college to college. However, the main characteristics of each are detailed below.

Graduate Assistant (GA)

Graduate Assistants are graduate students who provide academic and program support. GA responsibilities may be administrative in nature, consisting of duties that typically are not related to teaching or research. Such activities may include assisting with the administration of student services, participating in student recruiting, assisting in program planning, and advising undergraduate student groups. GA responsibilities may also be academic in nature, which may include assisting instructors with laboratory sessions and assignments, setting up displays for lectures or laboratory sections, preparing or maintaining equipment used in laboratory sections, and assisting researchers with the collection of data and bibliography. However, Graduate Assistants are not allowed to participate in instruction. Graduate Assistantships can be granted as full- or part-time during one single academic year (fall and spring terms).

  • A full-time GA requires a 20-hour per week commitment and receives tuition remission for 9 credits of course work related to his/her major or program, and a stipend each semester.
  • A part-time GA requires a 10-hour per week commitment and receives tuition remission for 6 credits of course work related to his/her major or program, and a stipend each semester.

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Graduate Research Assistants are graduate students conducting academically significant research under the direction of a faculty member, who is generally a principal investigator on an external grant or contract. GRAs are awarded by departments and professors who are engaged in research projects and provide exciting opportunities to participate in new and ongoing research activities conducted at Rowan University. Since GRAs are typically funded by sponsored research grants, the stipend and tuition compensation level may vary with the nature of the grant.

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