Holocaust and Genocide Education Certificate of Graduate Study

This program, the COGS in Holocaust and Genocide Education (HGE), will be the first of its kind nationally. It brings together deep content knowledge with a strong constructivist pedagogy in order to help students consider what Holocaust and Genocide Education might look like across diverse settings. This curriculum could potentially serve both teachers and professionals in public programming of historical topics.

This program will fill a much-needed gap in higher education. By helping educators have both a better grasp of Holocaust and genocide content, as well as a mastery of constructivist pedagogies, the COGS in HGE will break new ground. Additionally, this is an essential program, as New Jersey is one of eight states with a Holocaust and Genocide teaching mandate. NJ requires K-12 teachers to teach about the Holocaust and other genocides “at the earliest possible moment.”


The COGS in Holocaust and Genocide Education (HGE) will consist of four courses.


The following courses make up the Holocaust and Genocide Education Certificate of Graduate Study program.

  • 4 Courses/ 12 Semester Hours
    • Required Courses: 9 semester hours
    • Elective Courses: 3 semester hours
  • Foundation Courses: No
  • Graduation / Exit / Thesis Requirements: No
Required Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
HGS 70507 Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Education 3
HGS 70537 Holocaust and Genocide Creation and Evaluation 3
HIST 05522 Colloquium in European History: History of the Holocaust 3
Elective Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
HIST 05511 Colloquium In American History I 3
HIST 05522 Colloquium In European History I 3
HIST 05531 Colloquium In Global History I 3
Total Program Semester Hours: 12

Admissions Requirements

The following is a list of items required to begin the application process for the program. There may be additional action or materials required for admission to the program. Upon receipt of the materials below a representative from the Rowan Global Admissions Processing Office will contact you with confirmation or indicating any missing items.

  • $65 (U.S.) non-refundable application fee

  • Bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution of higher learning

  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended (regardless of number of credits earned)

  • Current professional resume

  • Minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)

Start Dates & Application Deadlines

The chart below details available entry terms for the Holocaust and Genocide Education Certificate of Graduate Study program as well as corresponding application deadlines. Submitting the Application Form is only the first step to beginning the admission process. All of the required materials listed above must be received on or before the application completion deadline for your desired entry term to be considered for admission to that term. We encourage you to complete the application form and begin submitting your materials at least one month before the deadline indicated.

Entry Term Start Date Application Deadline
Summer 2019 05/21/2019 04/01/2019
Fall 2019 09/03/2019 07/01/2019
Spring 2020 01/21/2020 11/01/2019

Tuition & Costs

Rate Fees Per Semester Hour
$700 $157.90 $857.90