Rowan Winter & Summer Tuition & Costs

Tuition & Fees

Summer and winter tuition is charged by the semester hour (SH) according to matriculation level for Rowan students, and by course level for non-matriculated (visiting) students. There are no separate rates for out-of-state students and flat rates do not apply for the winter session. See Rowan Global tuition rates for Letter Section and graduate/doctoral tuition rates.

Summer 2019

Level Format Tuition per SH Fees per SH Total per SH
Undergraduate Face-to-Face $378.50 $157.90 $536.40
Undergraduate Online $470.00 None $470.00
Post-Baccalaureate Face-to-Face $378.50 $157.90 $536.40
Post-Baccalaureate Online $470.00 None $470.00


For all other rates please click here.


  • Students in traditional graduate programs still pay traditional graduate tuition and fees regardless of the mode of delivery of the course and course level.
  • Flat rates do not apply in the summer.
  • There are no separate rates for out-of-state students in the summer.
  • Matriculated Undergraduate Students: Recommended only two courses per session. Students pay undergraduate tuition and fees for courses.
  • Non-matriculated Students: Recommended two courses per session. All non-matriculated students will be charged at the course level.
  • Matriculated Graduate Students: Pay graduate tuition and fees for all courses.
  • Matriculated Doctoral Students: Pay doctoral tuition and fees for all courses.

Other Fees

  • Audit Course Fee (per semester hour): Same as Tuition
  • Parking Decal Fee: Varies
  • Late Registration Fee: Varies
  • Late Payment Fee: $25.00
  • Rowan ID Fee: $10.00