Publishing for Creative Writers

In this course, students aspiring to become published authors will explore many facets of literary publishing, from submitting work to agents and editors to editing a manuscript in production and marketing a completed book. Students will examine the many complex processes by which a literary manuscript (novel, story collection, memoir, etc.) becomes a book. Students will learn how to submit creative work to literary magazines, to agents, and to publishers. They will submit at least one completed work (an essay, a story, or a poem) to an appropriate journal or magazine. They will write a query letter and a synopsis for one of their own book-length projects and develop a marketing plan for the projected work. They will learn the most common reasons that writing is rejected and how to avoid them. They will learn about the varied roles of agents and editors from the editorial process through the design, production and promotion of the book. They will learn about the importance of applying for grants and fellowships, of submitting to literary competitions, and of "networking" in the development of a writing career. Students with completed or nearly completed books may use their own manuscripts for all of the above assignments.